Thursday, 23 January 2014

2013 - A Much Better Season!

Yes, yearly updates are rather sad I know, but life has been busy.  I update my Facebook page with about the same frequency! 

Well, 2013 was a much better sailing season and I took "Margherita" to places she had never been before, as well as making new friends.  I launched in Poole on 31 May and took her home on 8 October.  Between those dates I enjoyed 26 days sailing, spent 24 nights on board, made one trip to Christchurch and two to the Solent (more in a later post).  For those few souls who were wondering, my "new for 2012" but untested commode-cum-bucket toilet works OK.....provided you are careful.  It enabled me to perform my ablutions in relatively crowded anchorages without embarrassment. 

This is me sailing around near my mooring while talking to Chris Boxer on his Wharram Catamaran "Skinny Dipper".  He kindly took the pictures.

You can tell the water is relatively shallow by the shape of the wave form around the hull.  The Wharram is new to Chris, and a team of willing volunteers helped him erect the mast alongside our club pier, at low tide.  He had no shortage of advice and we got it up without mishap.

Chris on the cat with myself (blue) and Pete Brown, offering advice...whether he wants it or not!