Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The 2016 Season begins

I retrieved Margherita from her winter barn storage at Easter.  I was able to do the odd maintenance task and varnish removable items, but as I have to work on the hull in the open, the varnishing of cabin sides and bulkwarks was frustrated by awfully variable weather during April.  One minute too hot, then too cold; or a day with a 10 minute shower in the middle!  Anyway, it all got done in the end.  The hull white paintwork is still in pretty good nick, as is the cream of the superstructure.  I gave most of it a light T-cut and polish, which livened it up again. There is some fading and dulling of the light cream paint used, most evident when I touch up the odd ding.  It is all Epifanes two pack polyurethane, which is very nice to use. 

One interior addition this year was to make and install a small rack for the tea and coffee making materials.  It was an interesting exercise in spiling to get the components to match the compound curves of the hull. The piece of foam is to stop it all going walk about while being towed to Poole.  Not sure if it will be needed when sailing.

I launched Margherita into Poole Harbour on May 6th, which was warm and sunny.  My first trip out was over the weekend of 13-16 May.  Three cold nights on board, huddled in my sleeping bag with most of my clothes on.  I did get some good sails though, and bedded everything into place ready for the season.  Here are a few pictures taken while moored at Shiptall point in Poole Harbour.

all neat and tidy

sunset over the nature reserve

Looking SW towards Corfe

Sunrise at 04.30



  1. I hope everthing is OK with you as you have not posted for so long. I have always enjoyed your posts as they feature a part of the country and cruising area very close to my heart.

  2. Hello Chris. Kind of you to ask. All is well with me, it is just that I rather lost momentum on the Blog as I tend to do the same stuff each year, and it gets a bit repetitive. It started out as a way of showing everybody what a great little boat the Shilling was and how I used it. I never really intended it to be a blow-by-blow account of every trip etc. I will put up some more stuff when I have something unusual or new. Best wishes, Jeremy