Thursday, 21 September 2017

The start of 2017 - bigger bowsprit

Over the winter, I got Dick Phillips of Willow Bay Boats to make me a longer bowsprit.  The aim was to improve the separation of the staysail and jib.  The clew of the jib tended to sit on the staysail when sheeted in half way (sort of when on a beam reach).  I played with an old bit of 2 by 2 with the boat in the garden to see what looked reasonable.  I ended up with a mere 8 inches/200mm longer.  But it makes a big difference.  the sails set better and the boat looks longer and sleeker.  She is now 20ft/6.1m over spars! First two sailing pictures were taken by Alan Robertson, the last one by Peter Edgington. Thanks guys.

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