Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Some design details of Margherita

I have been asked how I stow my anchor on the foredeck.  Here are some pictures of what I came up with. The lashing goes through two eyes screwed to the foredeck.  The anchor holds well, with 2m of chain and rope

Also, I got Phil Swift to alter the cockpit stowage.  Instead of small lockers with lids, I asked for lidless lockers with enough room to stow a 12litre fuel tank on the engine side and warps and fenders on the other.  Works a treat and allows easy quick access.  I also added two Sampson posts to the cockpit rear for mooring up etc.  Very useful. Other shillings have the aft Henderson hatch cover in the deck.  I thought this to be both ugly and impractical so I have it in the rear cockpit bulkhead.  looks better and allows easier access to spare warps and fenders etc. stowed inside.


  1. All these features are excellent - especially the anchor stowage - helps keep the deck undamaged as well as the skippers toes!

  2. I am currently building a Shilling, and once I complete the interior will be starting on the deck and coachroof. Mast tabernacle, bowsprit hold-down and chainplates are currently being fabricated locally in stainless steel, but I haven't found a source for opening portlights that would be appropriate to the thin plywood (3/8") on the sides of the coachroof. Where did you get your stainless portlights?

  3. I would also be very interested in the details of your bilge pump. I think a Whale Compac could be fitted on the starboard side of the bridgedeck, oriented vertically with a removeable handle, to vent either through the starboard hull side, or into the c/b case as per the plans. Would you happen to have photos of how your boat is rigged?


    Bruce Bolster, Clandeboye, Manitoba